I like to wear bright colors. I just feel happier in them. Also, I’m an enneagram 4 (if you haven’t taken the enneagram test yet, do it), which means that I like to be unique, and express myself. I do that by dressing in bright colors, fun prints, etc! Combining that with my frequent visits to theme parks, my wardrobe has gotten pretty fun over the past few years!

Colorful Accessories

It can be overwhelming to create a cohesive, colorful wardrobe. Colorful accessories are a great place to start! Accessories are less expensive and quickly add a pop of color and personality to any outfit. The outfits pictured below are mainly white, but are elevated by a few simple accessories. Start by pairing some brighter, more daring accessories with some of your basics — a white dress for example! Or even a plain tee and jeans for a fun dash of personality with your classic fit!

I get commission for purchases or clicks made through some links in this post.

Aside from Minnie Ears, my favorite accessories are hair scarves and fun earrings! I’ve gotten some packs of hair scarves from amazon, but would love to find a small shop to support! If you know one, share it in the comments! I do however, have a small shop I love for fun earrings! If you haven’t checked out Luna & Co, run don’t walk! She has both Disney and non-Disney earrings and accessories in all kinds of beautiful colors!

I get commission for purchases or clicks made through some links in this post.

Standout Styles

After you’ve started to branch out using colorful accessories, you can start to acquire some standout pieces! I love bold patterns, bright colors, and fun silhouettes. These are the pieces I reach for when I need a confidence boost!