Custom Media Kit


What’s a media kit and why do you need it?

A media kit is basically a resume used to pitch to brands and negotiate collaborations. It typically explains a bit about you and why a brand might want to work with you, highlights some of your content, and includes some stats related to your account. Examples include: engagement rate, average likes, average story views, previous collars, etc. Having a media kit makes you look professional, and shows that you take your content creation seriously. It’s a chance to show brands why you’re the best choice to work with and sell yourself.

Custom Media Kits include:

  • 3-4 pages depending on provided content
  • Cover page highlighting content
  • About Me section
  • Stats and Analytics
  • Mockups of account
  • Contact information


Are you a content creator looking to get brand collaborations and paid deals? Let me help you show off your incredible content in a custom media kit!


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